Challenger Lifts E12 Two Post Heavy Duty Vehicle Lift

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ALI Certified Automotive Lift

Challenger Lifts E12 12,000 lb. Capacity Heavy Duty Two Post Lift
The 12,000 lb. capacity E12 two post car lift provides symmetric lifting capability, maximum room to work underneath vehicles and room to grow. Its adjustable height accommodates higher profile vehicles and provides ample headroom for day to day servicing.


E12 2challenger lifts logo Post Heavy Duty Lift

The 12,000 lb. capacity E12 two post car lift provides symmetric lifting capability, maximum room to work underneath vehicles and room to grow. Its adjustable height accommodates higher profile vehicles and provides ample headroom for day to day servicing.

Challenger Lifts E12 Two Post Lift Column Extensions

NEW to E12 heavy duty lift is the optional 2’ column height truck lift extensions that accommodate even higher profile vehicles. Must order both E12 2 post vehicle lift and Part # E12EH2 for new lift purchases or E12EH2 (pop up of E12EH2 col ext.) for addition of 2’ height extension to an existing E12 truck lift. Includes (2) height extensions, hose extension kit and new cables. 

Other features of this 2 post heavy duty lift include Heavy Duty 2-stage telescoping arms, automatic arm restraints, rubber protective door guards, single point mechanical lock release system and padded overhead shut off system. E12 two post auto lift comes standard with Part# 10315 Stack Adapter Extension Kit and #10318 Four Frame Engaging Truck Adapters, necessary for lifting trucks and other vehicles with framed construction


Stack Adapter Extension Kit (Part# 10315)

Stack Adapter Kit for 10,000 and 12,000 lb. two post and inground car and truck lifts. Drop-in style stack adapters help reach pickup points on vehicles with running boards or side steps. Simply take out the screw pad, drop in the stack adapter extension and replace screw pad to reach lifting points. Stack Adapter Extension Kit includes four 3" Stack Extensions, two 6" Stack Extensions & two Organizer Racks with hardware. Organizer racks mount to automotive lift column to keep adapters within reach. Works with all Challenger two post automotive lifts.

Challenger Lifts Adapter Set 10315 


Enhanced Screw Pad
The enhanced screw pad comes standard with E12 and has durable contact pad with built-in raised edge on two sides to accommodate locating of framed vehicles.

 Enhanced screw pad

Features of E12 Heavy Duty Lift

  • Dual safety locks disengage simultaneously w/ a Single Point Mechanical Lock Release.
  • Overhead shut off system protects vehicles from being raised too high.
  • Maximizes service capabilities and revenue potential.
  • Provides open door clearance for trucks, vans, SUV’s and passenger cars for access to controls, while rubber door guards protect vehicle doors.
  • Space saving base plate provides obstruction free work environment.

 Challenger E12 Features

Keep in mind there really are differences in 2 post lifts. Not only are Challenger two post lifts manufactured to the highest standards for long lasting durability, they design key productivity features in each 2 post car lift, and you reap the benefits 

So, you want the best? Of course you do!
That's why you're looking at a challenger lift right now.
You know Challenger. They've been around much longer than a strong majority of all those other inferior auto lift manufacturers out there. And it shows. Nobody makes them better. When it comes to their two post lifts, their CL10 Series lifts are the pride of the industry. They boast features that other competitors wish they could offer. Plus, many models are also made in the USA. Contact us for details. When these other manufacturers claim they're just as good as, or the same as a Challenger, don't believe them. There's a reason they have such a long term list of satisfied customers. The cylinders are premium grade and offer ultra-smooth functionality, and they won't start leaking a day after the warranty expires. They were the first manufacturer to offer three stage arms on their top two post lift models, and most models are ALI certified. Many two post models offer the innovative Versymmetric feature invented by Challenger back in 1992 that allows you to adjust the vehicle forward or rearward on the lift, to adjust the center of gravity closer to the columns. This gives you the best of both worlds, so you don't have to choose between symmetric or asymmetric. They are the true pioneers of the industry. Always leading, always innovating, and always providing smart solutions to satisfied auto shop owners.

Features and Specs

E12 2 Post Heavy Duty Lift - Specifications

How do you know if the E12 heavy duty lifts are right for you? Take a look at the below specifications chart for our 2 post heavy duty lift. The chart compares the specifications of our E12 and E12EH2 heavy duty lifts so you can choose the one that best meets your needs.

Model Number
E12with E12EH2**
column height extensions

Lift Capacity*

12,000 lbs. (5443kg)
A Rise Height
77-3/4" (1984mm)
B Adj. Column Height
13' 10 or 14' 7"
(4216mm or 4445mm)
15' 10 or 16' 7"
(4826mm or 5055mm)
C Overall Width
11' 7-3/4" (3550mm)
Drive-Thru Clearance
103" (2616mm)
E Floor to Overhead Switch
13' 3-1/2" or 14' 1/2"
(4051mm or 4280mm)
15' 3-1/2" or 16' 1/2"
(4661mm or 4890mm)
F Arm Reach (Min.)
35-3/4" (910mm)
G Arm Reach (Max.)
54-1/2" (1386mm)
H Adj. Screw Pad Height
5-1/4" / 7-1/4"
(133mm / 184mm)
Adj. Adapter Height
(with 3" Extensions & Screw Pad)
8-1/4" / 10-1/4"
(210mm - 260mm)
Adj. Adapter Height
(with 6" Extensions & Screw Pad)
11-1/4" / 13-1/4"
(286mm - 337mm)
I Inside of Columns
115" (2921mm)
2HP, Single Phase, 60Hz
208v - 230v
Speed of Rise
66 seconds
Max. Load per Arm
3,000 lbs. (1361kg)
Ceiling Height Required
13' 11" or 14' 8"
(4242mm or 4470mm)
15' 11" or 16' 8"
(4851mm or 5080mm)
Shipping Dimensions
Shipping Weight
2000 lbs. (907 kg)
2310 lbs. (1048 kg)
135" (3429 mm)
135" (3429 mm)
25" (635 mm)
25" (635 mm)
28" (907 mm)
40" (1016 mm)

Questions about our heavy duty lifts? Contact us today.

*Lift capacity ratings are based on loads equally distributed on all four arms.

Challenger's generous 5/1/1 Warranty applies.

Frame engaging adapters (10314 or 10318) are REQUIRED when lifting vehicles with frame construction.

Challenger E12 Specifications


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More Information

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