Dannmar SX-6/XL Scissor Lift Mid Rise

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Dannmar SX-6/XL Mid Rise Scissor Lift
When it’s time to add some much needed versatility and productivity to your professional shop or home garage, your first stop should always be a Dannmar car lift.  This garage lift is designed to fit nicely into narrower bays and won’t take up valuable floor space. The SX-6/XL features a portable power unit and cart, a pull-lever safety release, safety pads and adapters. Designed specifically to engage a vehicle’s frame, the scissor lift offers a seamless lifting experience, regardless of whether you’re servicing a car or a light truck.


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Thanks to the small footprint, even shops that don’t suffer from small work areas will benefit from the SX-6/XL ability to be placed just about anywhere. This state-of-the-art scissor car lift comes well-equipped with adjustable arm assemblies and an all-important multi-position safety lock to give your lifting jobs the dynamic flexibility necessary for the best possible result.

This unit comes equipped with a portable power unit cart,a pull-lever safety release, safety pads and adapters, and it is backed with the Dannmar name, so you know it’s the benchmark of rugged durability and innovation.

The true benefit of the SX-6/XL, however, is its perfect portability. The SX-6/XL scissor lift features a portable power unit and cart, so wherever you need a lift is where the SX-6/XL car lift will be. And since it is designed specifically to engage a vehicle’s frame, the SX-6/XL offers its users a seamless lifting experience, regardless of whether you’re servicing a car or a light truck.

Lays Flat to the Floor
To make the Cadet truly portable, we made it so it can fit just about anywhere. With its ability to lay flat, it can slide under for storage, and you can drive right over it.

Steel Casters
To make a truly portable lift, the Cadet rolls around on steel casters, making storage easy. The hook on the power unit fulcrums the hook point on the opposite end of the lift, allowing you to lift one side with the power unit while the other side rolls along.

Completely Portable Lift
The uniqueness about this portable power unit is the hook at the bottom, allowing you to fulcrum the lift over, so that when you roll the power unit, the lift can move around on its casters as well.

Portable Power Unit
The portable power unit is necessary for any portable lift. This unit allows you to stow it away in the corner when not in use.

Heavy Duty Rubber Pads
These heavy duty rubber pads stop the lift from cracking sensitive lift points, and provide ample grip for any vehicle.

Pad Mounts
With all different sizes of pad mounts, make it easier to lift certain chassis on all your vehicles.

Features and Specs

 Dannmar SX-6/XL Mid Rise Lift

  • Perfect For Servicing Light-Duty Trucks And Cars
  • Portable Motor Cart Serves As Tow Handle
  • Easily Move Lift From One Bay To Another
  • Adjustable Arm Assemblies
  • Safety Lock Bar With Multiple Lock Positions
  • Fast And Efficient Operation

Lifting Capacity: 6,000 lbs. / 2724 kg.
Maximum Rise, top of optional 6" Pad Adapter: 49.375" / 1254 mm
Maximum Rise, 3" Pad Adapter: 46.5" / 1181 mm (included)
Maximum Rise, Top of Pad: 44" / 1117 mm
Maximum Rise, Top of Li-: 42.5" / 1079 mm
Motor: 110 - 220 VAC / 60 Hz / 1 Ph
Lowered Height: 4.75" / 121 mm
Shipping Weight: 852 lbs. / 387 kg
Optional 6" adapters - $125 (set of 4)
Shipping Dimensions: 84" x 41" x 27" / 2134 mm x 1041 mm x 686 mm
Li-ing Time: 45 Seconds

Please note that these specifications are subject to change without notice. It is best to confirm these specifications with a sales representative at the time of purchase.

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