JohnDow Oil Drain Pump Kit JDI-17PK

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JohnDow JDI-17PK Optional Pump Kit, Optional electrical Pump Kit for JohnDow Model JDI-17PLP


JohnDow Model JDI-17PK electric pump kit is an optional accessory for the popular JDI-17PLP low profile oil drain. Using an electric pump to evacuate the wate oil sure beats the old fashioned gravity drain method. Much quicker and easier. With 8 feet of hose, you'll be able to transfer the oil to a larger 30 or 55 gallon waste oil drum for transport to a facility. This type of accessoty is designed to increase your grage's efficiency and productivity. Solid state electric pump will last years and provide trouble free service. This accessory is manufactured specifically for the John Dow model oil drain only.

  • 110v electric pump transfers fluid at 5gpm
  • Comes with everything to complete the job
  • 8' evacuation hose
  • Weight 6lbs.


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