ASEplatinum WB-CB66-VE LED Wheel Balancer

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ASEplatinum WB-CB66-VE Wheel Balancer w/LED Touch Key Pad 
The WB-CB66-VE wheel balancer is highly accurate & dependable wheel balancing system designed to accommodate large rims up to 28" in diameter and overall wheel diameters up to 44".  A high performance, commercial quality balancer at an unbeatable price. 
Get unmatched accuracy and increase productivity with the exclusive laser light feature that indicates with precision the exact point to place your wheel weight on the back of the rim. Speed and Accuracy - That's how it should be!


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Are you tired of shopping around and finding only high prices or cheap, inferior products? If you are, then you're like many other customers we've satisfied with our ASEplatinum automotive equipment. ASEplatinum wheel balancers are an affordable alternative to the high priced manufacturers out there, yet are surprisingly high quality. They basically took all the best features that customers want, and combined them with attention to detail along with rock-bottom prices to win your business. You don't have to sacrifice quality for an affordable product.

The CB66-VE wheel balancer is a highly accurate & reliable wheel balancing system designed to accommodate large rims up to 28" in diameter and overall wheel diameters up to 44". A 40mm Balancing Shaft provides impressive durability, while the exclusive Laser & Light feature illuminates the inside of the wheel at the unbalanced weight position for convenient & precise wheel weight applications. The CB66-VE also comes standard with Multi-Mode Balancing options, along with Power Saving Mode, while allowing the user to choose between 5 Standard & 2 ALU Smart balancing configurations. A high performance balancer at a unbeatable value. Check out some of the highlighted features:

  • User Friendly Operation - LED, touch-panel keypad with easy to read icons assisting operators utilizing all balancing functions.
  • Large Rim Diameter Balancing - able to balance up to 28” rim diameter & 44” overall wheel diameter.
  • Multi-Mode Vehicle Balancing - standard with SUV, car & motorcycle balancing modes.
  • Low-RPM Operation - at 140 RPM, the balancer’s life is further extended for sensitive electronics & moving components, all while providing highly accurate wheel balancing.
  • Ease-Of-Use - with manual measurement input for distance & diameter with 5 ALU Standard Modes and 2 ALU Smart Modes.
  • Exclusive Laser Indicator - lights up automatically at the unbalance weight position under ALUS mode in the 6 o’clock wheel position.
  • Integrated Measurement Acquisition Wand - allows for ease of acquiring measurement data with a retractable, stylish measuring tool, integrated into the machine.
  • Light Indicator - illuminates inside of wheel automatically at the unbalanced weight position, for improved wheel weight applications.
  • Foot Pedal Braking System - conveniently secures the wheel in the unbalanced position to accurately apply balance wheel weights.
  • Extra Long, Heavy Duty Balancing Shaft - the 12" long, 40mm diameter balancing shaft accommodates wide range of wheels, including unique aftermarket wheels of different sizes & shapes.
  • Speed-Nut Mounting - the Speed-Nut allows for fast & efficient wheel mounting, easily securing the wheel to the spindle with convenient lead-in screw.
  • Multi Pocket Wheel Weight Shelf - 14 articulated pockets, over 1.5" deep, allowing plenty of storage for weights & tooling.
  • Large Wheel Shroud - the large 38” wheel hood prevents debris from flying off the tire while in use.
  • Power Saving Mode - automatically puts machine in stand-by mode after 5 minutes of non-usage.
LED Touch KeyPad
User friendly LED touch panel keypad
WB-CB66-VE Control Panel  

Convenient speed-nut mounting
WB-CB66-VE Speed Nut

Foot Brake
Foot pedal braking system for accurate weight application
WB-CB66-VE Foot Brake
Laser & Light Indicators
Exclusive laser & light indicators for unbalanced weigh position

WB-CB66-VE Light Indicator

WB-CB66-VE Wheel Balancers standard accessories include: 

  • 50g Weight
  • Weight Hammer / Application Tool
  • Wheel Caliper
  • Clamp Bowl / Bowl Edge
  • Cone Set:Small, Medium & large Sizes
  • Speed-Nut Assembly

Features and Specs

Specifications WB-CB66-VE
Data Entry Keypad
Max Wheel Diameter 44"
Rim Width 1.5” - 20”
Rim Diameter 8” - 28”
Wheel Weight Capacity 150 lbs.
Accuracy 1 gram
Balancing Time 5 to 7 sec.
RPM 140
Power Supply 110V 60hz
Shipping Weight 352 lbs.


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